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  • Around 90% of all new cars sold in the UK have air conditioning or climate control systems fitted as standard
  • Most systems should be checked and gas serviced every 2-3 years

At Heathcote Auto Services our air conditioning service includes a vacuum test to initially prove the systems components and seals are in a satisfactory condition. We then install ultra violet sensitive leak dye when we refill your system to help detect leaks, not only at the time of test but for the life of the system.

Does your air conditioning smell? This is normally caused by harmful bacteria build up on damp environment around the air conditioning evaporator, this can cause unpleasant smells, but also sore eyes and throat. We have a full range of treatments to disinfect the system with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee.

Air Con tip Run your air conditioning at least once a week – even in winter. This can be done with the heater set to the hot setting and will remove excessive moisture from the vehicle, as this helps circulate lubrication through the system and keeps the seals fresh. It will also give an early indication of any possible faults, so you will have the opportunity to have repairs carried out before summer.