Diagnostic Work

view of car showing drivetrain
diagnostic warning indicators
restricted performance indicator
diagnostic computer

Modern vehicles are fitted with more and more electronic systems, not only the engine management systems but everything from the air bags, traction control, to the in car entertainment systems, these all have complex interfaces.

No garage can offer a truly comprehensive service, unless they can tap into these systems to recover fault codes, as an aid to diagnose problems and reset or adjust systems.

At Heathcote Auto Services we carry diagnostic equipment to give us coverage of nearly all the European and Asian manufacturers.

To back up our investment in this technology, we have an on-going commitment to our staff training to make sure we can continue to make the best use of the facilities available in diagnosing and repairing faults with your vehicle

Call 01926 426305 to make a booking

Call 01926 426305 to make a booking